Asil Çelik Deutschland GmbH

Asil Çelik has established a firm in the name of Asil Çelik Deutschland GmbH in Germany in order to increase her activities in Western Europe.

Asil Çelik Deutschland GmbH, a 100% Asil Çelik firm, has started its operations on 1 October 2010 at Hilden, a town nearby Düsseldorf.

Asil Çelik Deutschland GmbH will be executing Asil Çelik’s operations in Germany and neighboring countries. The firm is managed by Hans Hotze, who knows the company’s products well and has an experience of 40 years.

Asil Celik Deutschland GmbH

Adres: Nove-Mesto-Platz 4 40721 Hilden
Tel: +49 2103 78 92 30 Zentral
Faks: +49 2103 78 92 399 Zentral