Asil Celik conforms to all local, national and international standards for the management and elimination of solid, liquid and gas waste, which occur as a result of our production process. We use raw materials, natural resources and energy locally to keep our carbon footprint minimal. We endeavour to inform our employees, customers, suppliers and other related parties about the effects of our processes and the preventive measures undertaken.

Asil Celik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. conducts active contaminant removal at the source and manages their regular collection, transport, storage and recycling/elimination in accordance with the law.

Waste Water;

Waste water is treated in our domestic and industrial waste water treatment facilities and released into the local waste water management system in conformity with water pollution and control regulations.


All kinds of gas, dust, steam, etc. are treated, filtered, tested and then released into the atmosphere in conformity with industrial based air quality protection regulation standards.


Noise measurements on the premises are done according to environmental noise control and management regulation.